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"Let's get physical!" When we hear this we immediately think of football games, wrestling matches, and probably some cuddling and together time. Thoughts of our physical bodies fill our minds, and although the word really describes all material objects that can be observed and measured, humans focus on how our bodies look, feel, and how well they work.

We want to be fit and healthy, but the difficult truth is that it takes hard work to achieve fitness, and it's even more difficult as we age. In order to achieve these goals we need to eat right and implement physical fitness routines. The amount of money spent to achieve fitness is astounding. People spend thousands of dollars on machines designed to tone specific muscle groups; they purchase gym memberships, and hire personal trainers. The fitness industry in the United States alone is worth $21.8 billion* a year. The supplement industry is also very sizable having a value of $11.5 billion** a year.

For those who have injuries or diseases that interfere with normal movement or activity, therapy is required. The goals are to restore function and build muscle tone to prevent further damage. Trained physical therapists design specific sets of activities and exercises to maximize the benefits without causing further damage to injured bodies. $30 billion*** a year is spent in the United States on aspects related to physical therapy.

We are defined by our physical bodies, and constantly strive to be in top condition. This intrinsic need that's bred into all of us presents an amazing business opportunity to profit.

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